Taking Print On Demand Orders!

Thank you everyone for your support. We sold 420 copies of the book! I am still taking orders that are print on demand. Printing takes about 10 business days. The book makes a perfect keepsake for the unusual 2020 year. Stay tuned for details on the donation to the Alberta Children's Hospital.

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Christmas Cancelled?

Hector and the Virus Vector is an illustrated children's book. It is about how Santa Claus cancels Christmas because a novel virus is making people sick around the world. An elf named Hector tries to find a solution using science experiments tested on Santa Claus. Through his innovations, will Hector be able to save Christmas?

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Alberta Children's Hospital

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Orders are now printed on demand, and will ship approximately ten business days after the order is placed.

Author and Illustrator:

My name is Lisa Rutherford and I am a registered nurse. I am also a mother of two small children who are worried about how “all the sick people” are causing everything that is normal to them, to be cancelled. I wrote the story Hector and the Virus Vector because I wanted to reassure my daughter that Santa Claus will still be able to come on Christmas Eve, even though we are living during a pandemic.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology, and a Bachelor of Nursing. I wanted this story to include scientific terms and concepts to children, while also making a funny and approachable story.

Please enjoy the book and the beautiful illustrations that I created!